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Bring the entire family on a trip to discover the heart of Cambodia, the place where Angkor history was crafted. With endless options for exploring the World Heritage of Angkor temples, the colourful villages, kayaking through the floating village, this family trip has something for everyone. The whole family can enjoy leisurely bike rides by day, and enjoy a delicious local cuisine as well as shop local artisan.

Your family is about to experience a different culture, a different lifestyle, a different landscape, and we can’t wait for you to begin the journey!

Package Includes
    * 4 Nights Accommodation
    You will be accommodated in 4-star hotels in the touristy towns.

    * You will be assigned to leading the full trip, and an additional mechanic will be placed to assist the tour leader for the group up to 6 people.

    * Our tour leader is full of personality with a passion to share authentic local experiences. They are dedicated to their country and focus on sharing their knowledge in an interactive way. All our leaders and staff go through rigorous safety and first aid training.

    * Meals mentioned in the itinerary
    Just like in many Asian countries, the staple food of the Cambodian diet is rice. We usually serve our clients with Set Menus including salted fish, chicken, beef or pork. Fish is often fresh from the Great Lake, Tonle Sap, and is normally eaten with a spicy peanut sauce called teuk trey. The most popular Cambodian food is Amok, a soup of boneless fish with coconut and spices. In Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Western food is widely available. If you wish to enjoy the western set menu, please let us know. Meals that are not included during the tour, will not be mentioned as (B/L/D) under each day's program.

    * Dietary Requirements
    Let us know well in advance if you are a vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher or have other dietary requirements. It is not usually a problem for us to provide you due to our office operator will take note and pass it in advance to the restaurants or hotels where you will be served. Meals may not be as varied as you are used to and if you know there are plenty of food you cannot eat you may wish to bring extra snacks from home so you can top up your energy supply.

    * Bicycle, Boat, Kayak, Private Vihecle.
    Bikes & Personal Staffs

    * We offer fully escorted tours with our own fleet of brand new mountain bikes that are maintained by an in-house team of qualified mechanics to ensure we meet global safety standards and keep clients safe at all times.

    * We strongly recommend that you ride a mountain bike not any other types of bike, for our trips involved on asphalt, dirt, and back roads that some are sandy and rocky. If you are much more comfortable with your own staffs, we highly suggest bringing such as pedal, saddle, helmets, and water bottle. Our guide will adjust to your bikes.

    * We also provide a range of spares in the vehicle along with a full toolkit for every tour. However, it is also gauche for us to carry spares for every eventuality; therefore, it is necessary that when before departing, you should have a quick look at your two-wheel fellow whether it is in good order. We do provide a helmet for every cyclist, but it is also imperative that you bring your own helmet and wear it at all times while cycling.
Package not Included
    x Flights before and after the tour are not included in the tour price.

    x Travel insurance is not covered in the tour price. You can organize travel insurance with your preferred insurance company. As medical facilities in Cambodia are rather limited, so it is imperative for you to take out a good medical insurance policy when travelling. We highly require our participants to have a proof of purchase of an adequate travel insurance policy cover in order to participate in any of our adventure tours such as cycling, trekking, camping, and running. You may organize this independently with the intention of letting your insurance company aware of the nature of what you are doing with us.
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