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Hanoi, City of Flowers in Autum

Travelling to Hanoi between September to December is perhaps the best time. For me, it shows the colour of Hanoi. Unlike its sister city, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi has four seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Thinking that we don't have to go far to experience autumn is something make me smile when walking in the street of Hanoi. OK, we are still in South East Asia, not in Paris or Amsterdam.

The sun is not so harsh on you, not too hot and not too cold. In fact, you can keep walking and walking not feeling hungry and tired. Of course, you can stop relaxing under the trees next the lake just looking at life in this romantic city. Somehow the entire city is full of nice fragrance smell of flowers all over the city. Milk flower is praised as one of the symbols of Hanoi’s autumn. Tell me how I am are not falling in love with Hanoi?

Autumn in Hanoi comes with special gifts, in the form com cake. It is a green sticky rice with mung bean filling, it is always an occasion of happiness to savour it. You can see it everywhere; ladies and girls carry it in a basket like the old Hanoi we normally see in old post cards.

Visiting Hanoi in autumn, is the time to take pictures of the scenery, people, streets and life in Hanoi. Somehow all the picture coming out perfect by simply clicking your camera or snapping from your mobile. Indeed, it is full of colours.

Image credit: Tu Pham, Tien Nguyen Duy and others

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